For the last playlist of 2016 here are some of the tracks that I have thought were utterly brilliant this year.

No more words necessary, I’ll just leave you to enjoy them!


Witchfinder General Hospital by Hey Colossus


Motherfuckers Never Learn by Shooting Guns


Bilspil by Måneskjold


Another Change by Psychic Ills


Burnout Beach by Wooden Indian Burial Ground 


LSD by Brain Washington 


Death Cult Blues by Psychic Lemon


Kruta by Flowers Must Die


Baphomet by Dreamtime


Higher Now by Drakkar Nowhere


Mondo Busso by Causa Sui


I Fall by Feral Ohms


Tunnel by Minami Deutsch


Liquide by Yeti Lane


Sweet Relief by Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs, Pigs


Hive by Farflung


Crumbling Darkness by Cosmic Ground


Sunken Chapel by Taman Shud


Poultice by Terminal Cheesecake


In Waves by Necro Deathmort


Fyre Ball by Ball


Phase II by Blown Out


In The Beginning of Time by Our Solar System


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