Aurora by Lamagaia

Brilliant new track, one of two great long psych jams on this new Cardinal Fuzz/ Sunrise Ocean Bender release now up for pre-order.


Year of the Bones by Fungal Abyss

“For me ‘Bardo Abgrund Temple’ has been inhabiting a lysergically infused cave just waiting to be discovered. I imagine that my not hearing has barely effected its existence, but my discovering of it has certainly enhanced mine. It is an encounter that seems to get more spirited with every listen, an encounter that re-affirms the power of music and underlines how, under the right conditions, mind-altering substances can result in intense outpourings of creativity. We can feel relieved/ thankful that a recording of this was made because, by definition, it will never be repeated and it is this lack of formula that is one of the principal reasons why I love this sort of music so much.”

For the full review, click here.

‘Bardo Abgrund Temple’ is finally available on vinyl and CD from Adansonia Records.


The Fox by Atomic Simao

“Overall ‘Echo’ is an album that surprised me at first because it was not what I was expecting from the band’s previous offering. As I listened through a few times I began to think that this was as ‘out there’ as ‘Nōdo’, but in a way that was perhaps disguised by the sheer funkiness of many of the tracks here. This was less the space jazz star liner leading the fleet as, in places, the P-Funk Mothership bringing back the agents of Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication laying out cosmic grooves to deliver Planet Earth. That’s not to say that it’s a Clinton clone ship, rather its own sound with a certain level of homagé mixed in.”

For the full review, click here.

‘Echo’ can be downloaded from the Atomic Simao bandcamp page.


Riffermania (Kill Kill Kill) by Singapore Sling

Second track released from the new Singapore Sling album ‘Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)’, released by Fuzz Club Records on 2nd February.


Sunrise, Sunset by Minami Deutsch/ 南ドイツ

“So you’ve already got the Minami Deutsch album on vinyl and are wondering whether to get it again on CD (used to be the other way round)? Well you get an extra twenty minutes of raw and exciting Minami Deutsch that, for me, gives more of an idea of what the band is about…and for me this is one of the best bands around at the moment.”

For the full updated album review, including the extra tracks on the new CD release from Sulatron Records, click here.



Pelham by Grails

Cracking second track from the new Grails album ‘Chalice Hymnal’, due out on Temporary Residence on February 17th.


Krausened by Bitchin’ Bajas

One of my favourite Bitchin’ Bajas tracks, from the release of the same name.


Regenerator by Sun Dial

“It’s undeniable that 2016 has been a pretty significant year, in the middle of a fast changing era. In this context it is amazing that musicians are able to stay relevant during that time and, more to the point, still sound fresh. That Sun Dial’s multi-instrumentalist founder Gary Ramon, with over 25 years of making music under that name, has done so is testament to a great talent.”

For the full review of Sun Dial’s ‘Made in the Machine’ album click here.

Album out now on Sulatron Records.


Theme by 切れ痔のヨーゼフ/ Joseph of Kirezi

Original came across Joseph of Kirezi on the excellent Guruguru Brainwash compilation. Only just discovered that they brought a live EP out last, and it’s really great. Check it out here.


The Rites of Saturn by Primitive Knot

From the recently released LP ‘Disciples of the Black Sun’ out now, click here.


IE by Centralstödet

From the Centralstödet/ Myrrors split LP on Cardinal Fuzz (Europe)/ Sky Lantern Records (North America), now up for pre-order.

“While there are obvious differences in the sound of the bands here you can also say that this feels like a very coherent album, much more so that the vast majority of split releases that I have heard.” For the full review, click here.


Lentamente la Luce Svanirà by Giöbia

Great track from Giöbia’s album “Magnifier” released by Sulatron Records (CD/LP) and
hologram skies records (Cassette).


Roller Coaster by 13th Floor Elevators

Classic track which really needs no further introduction.


Amerika by The Underground Youth

Second track released from the new Underground Youth album ‘What Kind Of Dystopian Hellhole Is This?’, released by Fuzz Club Records on 15th February.


Can Du by Vostok

Ace Can-inspired jam from Vostok (Paul E Williams -Drums, J Bullen – Bass, Nige W -SYNFX, Vince Cory – Guitar


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