Supernaut by Black Sabbath

On the occasion of their last ever gig, probably….

yn ol I annwn by vert:x

Some Neu! inspired motorik from Chester, pleased to have seen them live for the first time this weekend.

Caman Islands by Hjortene

From last year’s split with President Fetch.

Bodies For Money by GNOD

First release from the band’s new album on Rocket Recordings. Available for pre-order now here.

Trepanation Breakdown by HIBUSHIBIRE

“As if you haven’t guessed by now I think that this is one heck of an album. After four years existence the band have delivered a debut that has not only arrived fully formed, but equipped to blown anyone who listen to it out of the water. It’s brutal and its heavy. But HIBUSHIBIRE are not a one trick pony… this is a varied album and the band are the real deal…I’m going to be playing this album regularly for years to come…about that I have no doubt.”

For the full review of the ‘Freak Out Orgasm!’ album, click here.

Available for pre-order from Riot Season Records here.

Karl Burns by 10000 Russos

“These recordings do just what a session should do, and that is partly due to the great care and attention that has been put into the recording and mixing of these tracks. They show the band playing in a live and visceral way, without being quite as ‘out there’ as they are when they are live. As a result it is both a must for those who dig 10000 Russos, but would also act as a good introduction to the band for those new to these guys.”

For the full review of the ‘Fuzz Club Sessions’ album, click here.

Available for pre-order from Fuzz Club Records here.

Just As Was Told by Lift To Experience

I’ve been waiting for the vinyl release of Life To Experience’s ‘Texas Jerusalem Crossroads’ album for nearly twenty year. The new master of the album is fantastic to my ears, and well worth the investment in my opinion.

Available now on Mute Records from all good record stores.

Saman by Birtawil

Beautiful minimalist music to drift away to. Birtawil is a solo artist from France, check out his bandcamp page here.

Salting Traces by Julie’s Haircut

“For me this is quite simply a stunning album. It has depth and it has beauty. It has elements that comfort and cajole, but also a dissonance that signifies fear and disconnection. It is an album that has been created not written and one that has set the bar very high so early in 2017. I’m glad I gave it a listen and urge you to do the same.”

To read the full album review, click here.

From the band’s new album on Rocket Recordings. Available for pre-order now here.

Good Dog by Death Pedals

From the album ‘Meat House’ on Hominid Sounds. There’s a few vinyl copies left here. Check out the Death Pedal’s bandcamp here too.

Starlight Sisters by Dead Gurus

New release ‘Acid Bench’ on Wrong Way Records, click here for pre-order.

Dead Gurus are Jason Edmonds (Magic Castles), Bennett Johnson, Collin Gorman Weiland (Daughters of the Sun and Dreamweapon) and Ryan Garbes.

Master Sleeps (live) by Hills

First release from the band’s new album on Rocket Recordings. Available for pre-order now here.

2039 by Ceguera

Born in Bristol. Ceguera (Blindness in spanish) delivers the soundtrack of our lovely dystopian society blending heavy psych riffs with drone and ambient. The new album can be downloaded from their bandcamp here.

Party Fuzz by WATCHOUT!

Ace garage band from Chile have a new release, ‘Revive the Vibe’ out soon on BYM Records.

Berg by Flowers Must Die

Flowers Must Die ‘Berg/Berga’ is now available to download from their bandcamp here. The cassette version is still available from Zeon Light here.

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