This weeks playlist is an extra long one.

I’ve been making a playlist to take to Berlin with me next week, here’s a few things I put on there:

Nowhere To Land New by Cult of Dom Keller

Precession by Anthroprophh

There Will Be Blood by The Janitors

African Spacecraft (2092 Lift-Off Journey and Landing) by The Lay Llamas

The Vessel by Hills

Teen Dreams by Hookworms

Revolution Prevail by Asteroid #4

FBI by Psychic Ills

Forever in Space (Enlightened) by White Hills

Jet Black Hallucinations by Blown Out

Peaking Duck by Carlton Melton

Sudden Lament by Heron Oblivion

Krautpunk by Big Naturals

Droned and Disowned (Part 2) by Hotel Wrecking City Traders

Stars and Sea by JuJu

Witchfinder General Hospital by Hey Colossus

Green Sugar by Kikagaku Moyo

Vulvic Church by Narcosatanicos

Eremitage by Syria Kris Peters

Sweet Relief by Pigs x7

Outsideofintime by Earthling Society

Trepanation Breakdown by Hibushibire

Aurora by Lamagaia

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