There is so much good music out there that it is almost impossible to keep up with it all. Here’s a selection of tracks that I have heard recently and really liked. They’re all from bands’ Bandcamp pages so do click through if you hear something you like…but don’t forget to come back again because this is all good stuff!


Everything You Say by No Anchor


Negroski Megahertz by Sonicatomic


Dirty Knees by Messy Bird


She by Control of the Going


Pictures by Starlights’ Sound


La mano convincente by Schwarz


The Ascetic by Hashshashin


Golden Light by Holy Monitor


Black Magic by Druidian Pink


Gibel’ Mira by Sonic Death


Fieberbahn by Fever Knife


Idle Tides by Gipsy Sun Revival 


Kosmische II by Marco Lucchi


Vortex by Mouth


White Mountain by Om Wahs 


After The Rain by Magic Pillow Factory 


Desert by Odyssey Os Argonautas


Kill The Bees by No Man’s Valley


Altered States by Fools Ferguson


Gloed by Gloed


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