Demon Star Pilot by Stupid Cosmonaut

“‘Algol’ is space rock, but not as we know it. It emerges from its minimalist stasis and gradually, and almost imperceptibly, develops a heavy complexity that has you heading straight into a nebula of heavy riffs and searing rhythms. Stupid Cosmonaut may be new to some but that will not last for long because this is a band who are going places with their new take on well established genre. Their collective name may be self deprecating but these guys are anything but stupid.”

For the full album review click here.


Energy Vampire Weekend by Skyjelly

“This, then, is a deceptively intense album, the band’s second apparently, that I feel has much more to give than on the two occasions I have had chance to listen to it. I am sure that it is going to be one of my goto albums for certain times of my life when I feel overwhelmed, yet want something inspiring rather than mindlessly palliative. It has real inner beauty that is well worth exploring.”

For the full album review click here.


Sindicate by Cosmic Triggers

Fantastic track from the ace Trail Records compilation ‘TripWave 2: Modern Russian Psychedelic. Click here for more info.


Tentacles by Dead Sea Apes feat. Adam Stone

“For me all Dead Sea Apes releases are special but I find this one, along with ‘Lupus‘, to be ahead of the pack. It is both an departure and a leap forward for a band who are continuing to push their sound and their vision into new areas. It is an album that is political, experimental, and complex. It is an album that will have you thinking and, if it does its job, it will challenge you to think more deeply about the world around you. For all these reasons it is for me pure bloody essential!”

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Take Back The North by Vago Sagrado

“In my opinion we owe Adansonia Records a debt of gratitude in bringing this album to our attention. Sounds that have lain dormant to many of us can now come alive. However, it is Vago Sagrado that we should thank the most for producing an album that is in and of itself different, yet also eclectic. It is an album that I hope will continue to be heard as widely as possible as I think that many of you will really dig it.”

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Tutilitarian by 10000 Russos

First track released from the new album on Fuzz Club Records.


Master Sleeps (Live) by Hills

“Having heard, what I think are, all of Hills releases this double album of tracks catches the band as elementally as anything I have encountered. This performance is clearly the sound of a group of musicians who are totally invested into their music. The sound of a band who are rooted firmly within the Swedish tradition of innovative and improvised sounds that are linked firmly to nature and the intense changing of the Scandinavian seasons. It is a sound that will totally transport you to a place where you can feel diverted of all the accretions of daily life and somehow return to a more primal state of being.”

For the full album review click here.


Superior Venus by Blown Out

“Blown Out always seem to deliver the goods when it comes to dark yet uncomplicated space rock. They hit the nail on the head every time, even if it is with a moon-sized battering ram. Most of all they take you away from it all, and open up new worlds and possibilities. Moreover, while their imagery is definitely in keeping with these austere times you do get the feeling that they are in there with you.”

For the full review click here.


Tomhetens Furste by Kungens Man

Brilliant new track from the band’s latest release on the Eggs In Aspic label.


Cummins Falls by 75 Dollar Bill

“For me ‘WOOD/METAL/PLASTIC/PATTERN/RHYTHM/ROCK’ is a real breath of fresh air, the sound of a group of musicians experimenting with different sounds to come up with something that is compelling and transfixing. It is an album that you can fully immerse yourself in and totally loose yourself in the sonic cycles that the band members construct around relatively simple yet effective themes.”

For the full review click here.


The Ticking Timebomb by Asteroid #4

Ace new track from Asteroid #4, click on the bandcamp link below for more details.


Unexpected Trip by Sonora

Second great track from the Trail Records compilation ‘TripWave 2: Modern Russian Psychedelic. Click here for more info.


Undone by The Pink Elephants

Great track from Ottawa’s Pink Elephants. Check out their Bandcamp for more.


Tusk by Casual Nun

From the live at Roadburn album ‘Psychometrics Testing’ on Box Records. You’re gonna want to check this out!


The Chelaship by Annuaki

According to the band “a single 23 minute track of epic wailing doom created both by and for these times of turmoil and upheaval.” Nailed it! Click the bandacamp link below for more from Annuaki.


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