Keep It Loose by Ecstatic Vision

From the brilliant new album ‘Raw Rock Fury’


Seedless Easy Peeler by Entrance Band

LA trio The Entrance Band are the latest addition the ‘Fuzz Club Session’ series – the warm, analog recording allowing their tripped-out blues to shine in all its lysergic glory. As with all Fuzz Club Sessions the album is recorded live and onto 2” tape. The LP is made up of three brand new improvised jams that see their warped, groove-ridden psychedelia at its best.

Limited to 200 deluxe box sets and 300 standard vinyl editions.


Hexus Part 1 by Black Tremor

“The video had been put together by Gryphus Visual, who have been responsible for video releases from such as Cosmic Dead, Monolord and 11 Paranoias, to name but a few. The track itself is reminiscent of some of those great Constellation Records bands, especially from the turn of the Century. You get a real sense of unending space with something of a desert vibe, which is really matched by the panoramic vistas of the video.”

Read more about the Premiere of this video and the split album with Sea Witch that this superb track comes from


Perfect Hell/ Permanence by The Routes

Both songs taken from the album “In This Perfect Hell”, out now on Groovie Records.


On The Riverside by The Starlights’ Sound

Great chilled out new track from a band I’m liking more and more.


Confusion by Warp Transmission

From the terrific album Tamám Shud, out now on vinyl.


Afterglow by Soft Power

Heard about this one from Andy over at Dayz of Purple and Orange. The whole album is a keeper!

I’ve now reviewed it too, here!


Authentic Alien Perfume by Taiwan Housing Project

From the new album ‘Velben Death Mask’, out in May.


Dancing In Your Head by LoE LoF LoN

From the Mutant Sounds’ album ‘Conventional Elements’.


High Tide by Mythic Sunship

“With ‘Land Between Rivers’ Mythic Sunship have managed to keep all the things that made their previous album special, and somehow added a sonic layer which makes this album sound even more raw AND accomplished than its predecessor. This is a super-intense set of songs that manage to bring together diverse musical genre and philosophies into a gestalt whole that is both fascinating and frightening.”

For the full review of ‘Land Between Rivers’ click here.


Everyone Should Kill An Old Hippy by Lee Van Cleef

Great new track from Lee Van Cleef. If you’ve not checked out the band’s album you can do here.


He’ll Take Everything by Black Severn

Great track from the Bristol duo’s new album ‘Wild Interior’.


In A Coil by Kikagaku Moyo

From the band’s new EP ‘Stone Garden’ on Guruguru Brain.


The Ghost of Henri Valeri by Ramprasad

From the band’s self-titled EP, out now on digital and cassette.


Surfin’ Shva by Zone Six

“This album sees Zone Six do what they are best at here. Two long tracks which just keep on giving with every listen, and while both pass the twenty minute mark there is never any suggestion that these become mundane because the playing takes you on a fantastic journey though strange and freaky sonic worlds.”

Check out the fur ‘Forever Hugo’ album review here.


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