Pharmakon by Dead Sea Apes


Chemical Reaction/ Chemical Delight by Destruction Unit


Sunburnt Impedience Machine by Mugstar


Baphomet by Dreamtime


Tangerine by Electric Eye


Evil by White Manna


Animal Manservant by Teeth of the Sea


Futsu Ni Ikirenai by Minami Deutsch


FBI by Psychic Ills


Living Junkyard by Feral Ohms


Arena Negra by The Myrrors


Psychological Discontinuity by Yuri Gagarin


Motherfuckers Never Learn by Shooting Guns


Head Trip by Buffalo Tooth


War Crows by Hey Colossus


Green Sugar by Kikagaku Moyo


Rama by Heron Oblivion


This Man by Nudity


Droned and Disowned (Part 2) by Hotel Wrecking City Traders


Genocider by GNOD