Ultra Thrust by Warp Transmission


Pig Squealer by Anthroprophh


When The Bomb Touches The Ground by The Casey JR Ride


Wheels (To Fast To Live) by ElectricLords


Spectroscope by VYMAANIKA

Högtryck över Svealand (High Pressure Over Svealand) by Träd Gräs och Stenar


Shutsuryoku by Cosmic Triggers


Dog Ft JK Flesh by The Bug vs Earth


Overhead Intelligence by Cosmic Fall


tHE wOLF yOU fEED by Boobs of Doom


RAVE by Melt Downer


Driving To My Sun by Intelligence Service


Mondo-Brana by Squadra Omega


Negroski Megahertz by Sonicatomic


dark enck by Cosmic Ground


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