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My name is Simon and I first had the idea of The Fragmented Flaneur some years ago. I really got into the whole idea of wandering around aimlessly, being part of my surroundings but at the same time somewhat removed.

I have recently realised that I also tend to use this method when writing about music… wandering through an album and often taking somewhat random ideas and feelings from it. That is why I have now moved all the content from my music blog, ‘Psych Insight Music’, to here.

On this website you will find all sorts of music from many different genre, not just ‘psych’ anymore. Much of what I like is experimental and improvised, and mostly from bands and labels that are making music as a labour of love…which is what the website is intended to be.

So why not go and explore the website, there is a massive ‘Band Cloud’ at the bottom of each page.

Note for bands and labels.

I am afraid that am no longer accepting unsolicited submissions for review. There is so much good music out there that I can never give such submissions the respect they deserve and, frankly, I end up feeling guilty that this is the case.

Thanks for understanding.