Album Review: Slow Motion Rider by Slow Motion Rider

Slow Motion Rider were a new band for me when their debut album arrived in my Inbox, but from the very first listen I was hooked to their bluesy brand of psych-rock. Hailing from Houston these guys are unmistakably Texan in the same way as Lift To Experience are, and I guess I had a similar immediate reaction as I did to the latter’s Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads album because it is one huge record.


At their most full-on Slow Motion Rider also reminds me of current favourites Earthless, with their soaring guitars and seemingly effortless riffage, and there are some great psych guitar codas stretching through the album that draw you through the set and underlines the band’s psychedelic credentials. This is an album that demands to be listened to, and it is an album that will take you places.

But this isn’t just all about the blues guitar (although there’s enough of that here to keep anyone satisfied), there’s also a maturity and songcraft here that shows that this is a band that have hit the ground running. From the very first track ‘Hold Your Hand Out To The Sun’ you are straight into it and you know you’re gonna be in for one hell of a ride.

The second track ‘I Can’t Feel Anymore’ is a real slow burner with it’s strong bass beginning gnawing away mesmerically, similarly ‘Ride You Purple’ has that repetitive bass but with a vocal and level of distortion that could, at first, have been a track from The Janitors’ last album, but with the blues guitar defining Slow Motion Riders’ own sound. This track is in many ways a microcosm of the album as it hammers off into wah wah land – probably my favourite track.

‘Love With Find A Way’ and ‘You’ll Never Know’ are great Hendrix-influenced tracks, the latter having a kind of blues funk to it which it guaranteed to get you moving, while ‘Wondered Why’ and ‘Kids Ain’t Got No Soul are both super psych-blues tracks with a great keyboard lines just under the guitars giving them just that right amount of substance.

‘Destination Nowhere’ is initially a slower wah wah number which gets all hot and heavy during the chorus; and the remaining two tracks ‘The Key’ and ‘The Way You Look’ are both much more mellow, acting as a come down after the vibrancy of the earlier songs.

If you like your blues psychedelic, Hendrix, Black Sabbath etc…, you are going to love this album, it is a very accomplished debut from a band on the brilliantly named Committee to Keep Music Evil label: who continue to put out some fantastic stuff, not least the amazing Asteroid #4.



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