Album Review: Body Cults by Narcosatanicos

If you rehearse your music in a still radioactive cellar that formerly held chemical weapons during WWII then chances are that you are gonna come up with some seriously fucked up shit. In the case of Narcosatanicos this is some pretty deep fucked up shit. From the open bar of this album until the moment the needle lifts from the record you are assaulted with a cacophonous barrage of avant jazzed up heavy psych noise that it going to make a severe dent on your day. This is not music that you are going to ignore…it is an unforgettable sonic experience that, I suspect, you are going to love or hate…I fucking loved it.


Let’s get the mundane bits out of the way first before we head for the profane. Narcosatanicos (Victor Kim (Vocals, Guitar), Tobias Holmbeck (Guitar, Vocals), Kasper Skotte (Guitar), Zeki Jindyl Søgaard (Saxophone, Vocals), Johannes Krøyer (Drums) and Mikkel Stenholt (Bass)) is a noise rock group from Aarhus, Denmark. Formed in early 2012, and claims that it draws on various influences from late 60’s proto-punk and krautrock to more recent variants of aggressive music. Aggressive is the word because this band take no prisoners and play like the geiger counter is running…and time is running out fast.

On to the profane then. According to the press release from record label Bad Afro:

“Body Cults sounds a bit like if you accidently opened the gates to hell and was met by a wall of psychotic psychedelic noise rock made by Satan himself. It’s a sonic mindfuck fueled on bad acid, paranoia and distortion.”

Now I don’t often quote from press releases because they’re normally a load of old puffed up bollocks (the PR firm ones at least), but this one hits the nail squarely into the coffin. Like all the bands I really love how Narcosatanicos play on the edge…on the very precipice of chaos constantly threatening to tip over into a pit of doom, yet always managing to hold it together to produce something that is just coherent enough to be totally both totally thrilling. I’m not going to go through each track individually because there’s no point…this album is an experience, one to listen to in it’s entirely, one to slump back into your sonic sepulchre of fate afterwards and wonder what the fuck you actually listened to there.

So here’s the thing. If you like you music safe and unchallenging the steer well clear of this album…you’ll hate it. If, however, the very breakdown of this name Narco-satan-icos, there is definitely a latin influence to this satanic album of death, is something that peaks your interest…if you want to know what it feels like to be on the very edge of a smoking chemically radioactive lava-filled abyss, then stick this baby on and you may never be the same again. Watch your exposure though…that geiger counter is clicking!



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