Premiere: Impious Oppressor by Blown Out

When recently putting together a best of year list for a Facebook group I belong to we got to the point of trying to find someone to write a few words about Blown Out’s last album, ‘New Cruiser‘. This was proving difficult until someone suggested simply putting ‘Fuckin Epic!’ as a summary of the album’s qualities. This seemed to sum up the album, and Blown Out more generally. Here is a band that takes you on sonic journeys that leave you feeling well travelled and, as a result, properly knackered at the end of them.

Now I couldn’t be more excited to provide you with your first chance to hear a edit of one of the tracks from Blown Out’s new album ‘Superior Venus’, which will be released on Riot Season Records (keep an eye on this link for pre-order details) on 3rd March 2017. At just under six minutes this sample doesn’t provide the full monolithically technicolor experience, but its enough to tell you that it’s going to be another epic adventure…buckle up and get ready for the ride.




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