Album Review: Ljudkamrater by Centralstödet/ The Myrrors (split)

You wonder sometimes how split albums get put together: a marriage of convenience, or two bands who have real regard for each other sharing music that will complement and enhance their own. This Centralstödet/ Myrrors split definitely falls into the latter category.

The seeds of this collaboration were already there in the form of 2016’s Sky Lantern Records release ‘Hjärndimma’, which was recorded by Centralstödet live in their native Gothenburg while supporting The Myrrors, a band who probably need no introduction here. From there the band seems to have developed a relationship with Sky Lantern owner, and Myrror, Nik Rayne.

While there are obvious differences in the sound of the bands here you can also say that this feels like a very coherent album, much more so that the vast majority of split releases that I have heard.

The Centralstödet tracks open with ‘IE’, a slow burning sinister space rock number which gradually builds with intensity. It is one of those tracks which always seems to be reaching a climax but never quite gets there until the very end of its ten minutes. Great journey, amazing full-on destination.

The other two tracks on the Centralstödet side are shorter numbers. ‘Yttre Hybriderna’ has a more jazzy feel to its improvisation with some later Miles Davis influences in there. Already starting at heady levels of noise this track really builds in complexity and ferocity and I can only imagine what a stretched out live version would sound like.

‘Vegas Bodega’ also has a jazz element to it, a theme which underlines the band’s influence from earlier Swedish Progg pioneers such as Träd, Gräs och Stenar, Parson Sound and Flasket Brinner. This is a much more abstract piece with the rhythm section providing a solid foundation that allows both guitarists the freedom to take the track of in some amazing flights of sonic fancy…again I long to hear an extended version of this jam since it could be very special indeed.

If you’re reading between the lines here you could sense that I could see these tracks as forming the best part of an album on their own, and while there is a case for that I would not want to lose the two tracks from The Myrrors that makes up the other side of this split, although they segue seamlessly together and as such I will take them as one piece.

Beginning, as many Myrrors numbers do, in an ethereal and other worldly manner; ‘Rayuela’/ ‘Night Flower Codex’ is one of my favourite Myrrors tracks so far. The two minute intro builds up expectations, which are more than matched by the melody that hits you when the strings kick in. This it the dreamlike Myrrors at their absolute best, a track that just engulfs you and cossets you. It is a track that gives you space…yes to dream but also to think a track that opens up your psyche and pours in all sorts of goodness.


This split album comes out on Sky Lantern (North America) and Cardinal Fuzz (Europe) in February 2017, part of what looks like being a fruitful new transatlantic partnership. Pre-orders up now!

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