Album Reviews: Summer Round-up Part 1

OK, here’s the thing. I’m about to go away on holiday, the sun’s occasionally shining outside and I’ve still got a heck of a list of albums that I want to review… because I really rate them. In an effort to do at least some of them justice I’m doing a bit of a round up, with some shorter reviews (something that I’m going to find a bit tricky) with apologies to the people concerned that I cannot give their music more space.

See also Part 2 and Part 3.

What Big Eyes by Lower Slaughter

Yet another excellent release from Newcastle’s Box Records. Lower Slaughter are a four piece noise unit from Glasgow and Brighton. But to purely call them a noise band would be somewhat misleading. From opener, and lead track, ‘Bone Meal’ you get the idea that they are not only the real deal, but a bigger deal than such a description would suggest. Yes they are are loud, noisy and aggressive in their music. What they are not is one, or even two, dimensional. If anything they’re 4D as they reach into your brain and fry it with massive riffs, deep bass lines, hammering drums and feral ur-vocals which collectively form an indomitable sonic topology of cruelty and injustice. This is a massive album with a massive statement, one that deserves to be heard.

Released on the 15th September, pre-order available now.

Adventures in the Upside Down by Da Captain Trips

The premise of Italian band Da Captain Trips, is that they found a ships’ log written by a Captain Trips; detailing main otherworldly adventures. Their music, as I understand it, is the sonic guide to these psychedelic exploits; of which this is the second full length album. This is certainly music that will ease you away from the mundanity of everyday live into and alternative reality that can be whatever you want it. For me there are no sharp edges to this album, Rather than aggression… this is laid back music which facilitates thought. Having said that this is no background music… it demands and deserves to be listened too. A superb take on psychedelic space rock that is, in essence.. one amazing trip.

Available on CD, LP and Download, check out the band’s bandcamp here for details on how to order.

FF061116 by Housewives

By it’s very nature this album is very difficult to write about. Set out as a series of excerpts, Housewives, have produced something that feels indicative of contemporary society. The tracks are fleeting and lack narrative anything that could be called a coherent narrative. These are abstract compositions that at first do not seem to be particularly remarkable, with their eclectic synthesis of jazz, drone, noise and non-musical sounds. Yet like much conceptual art the more you dig into the work, them more it leads you off into interesting, in this case sonic, directions. As such this is perhaps as much a record to study as listen to, and perhaps one to imagine the unsaid whole of which these excerpts are part.

‘FF061116’ is released by Rocket Recordings on 18th August, further details available here.

Wax by $un $keletons

Another great release from Cruel Nature Records, this $un $keletons album is a fine listen. Incorporating elements of jazz, drones and psych ‘Wax’ powers along with it’s motorik beats (on two of the three tracks), while the middle track ‘Teeny Turner’ is a slower and more meditative piece. All together this is a short collection of songs that give you a feeling of well being, and as for the sax… well that just takes it to another level for me. I can feel it tugging on your soul in a way that very rarely happens for me these days outside of more purely jazz releases. Well worth checking out on the Cruel Nature bandcamp on the link below.

Unfortunately the cassette seems to be sold out now, but you can still download the album here.



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