Album Review: Lunar Halo by The Myrrors

Tuscon, Arizona’s Myrrors are a band that I cannot recommend highly enough. I have bought all their albums as they have come out although, annoyingly, I missed out on their ‘Solar Collector’ when it was first released, the recording that probably set the band on their current course. Handily though this is being re-issued by Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern at the same time as ‘Lunar Halo’.

But it’s the latter that I’m mainly concerned with here. If you’re expecting a long review then you’re going to be disappointed. That’s because, as you would expect, I always listen to the albums while writing my reviews; but with this one I just keep zoning out and getting so lost in it that I find myself forgetting to write about it.

A small part of that lies in the fact that the record consists of one single track lasting just shy of half an hour…. sorry I went again. OK concentrate… this music is amazingly mesmeric. Being essentially a jam we find the band dropping straight into a slow lugubrious groove and pretty much staying there. Around this various different musical structures that The Myrrors bring to the track. There is an overall sense that this is being played ‘raga’ style, but within this are variations that have the band taking us in all sorts of directions… perhaps the common thread being a melding of folk cultures from the aforementioned Indian structure through 70s Swedish Progg and to The Myrrors own sense of place. By this I mean that their music always somehow seems to recall the aridness of the Arizona desert, this for me is what gives them their unique sound. Here they put their interpretations of other musical forms through this lens and it works… beautifully.

And that is basically all I think I need to say about this beautifully tranquil release that’ll have you turning down the lights, kicking back and just let the warmth and sheer organic approach of The Myrrors just envelop you and let it take you off to a place that is most likely far away from where you are sitting.

In a word. Stunning.


‘Lunar Halo’ and ‘Solar Collector’ are available from Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern to pre-order now!



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