Review: Why Not Every Night by Acid Cannibals

Driving home from a gig, late night, autobahn-esque mesmerism as the lights and lines are put behind me… searching on the iPod.. wheeling round… yeah one of those old ones that only does music… old school twenty first century vibe. Loaded new stuff before I left to help the miles go by… nothing quite fitting… increasing tiredness only serving to dull the edges of the fuzz. Then I happened on the new EP from Acid Cannibals… downloaded because that bloke off of Cosmic Dead was in it… worth a punt.

Press play… display comes up… ‘Are We Metal’ – FUCK ME! It was like a drug mainlining into my bloodstream as the sheer fucked up awesomeness of it hit my brain… I was alert… I was there… I FELT FUCKING INVINCIBLE!

The four tracks were over as soon as they began… more… one more hit won’t hurt… more I need it… just give me more of this. Home came quicker that I expected… just, well, in the moment… maybe a speed awareness course beckons… who cares the bill’s going up to Glasgow!

The next night now and Acid Cannibals are blasting out of the speakers… just one fix of this über-visceral proto-punk-psych-is-dead-fest… if you don’t believe me click below…


The band blurb:

Released on 7″ Vinyl in Collaboration with AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE on March 16th 2018

Acid Cannibals are two people from Glasgow who needed a hot hard shot of positive big vibes Rock n Roll just as much as the people of this gloomy island need it. These two fiends have spent the last few years touring the world in bands such as The Cosmic Dead, Droves, Old Guard, Thisclose and Public Service and they aren’t here to fuck about. The following words can be used to describe this debauchery: vegan – noise rock – punk – Buckfast – party – charming – handsome – modest. The following words should not be used to describe this debauchery: dairy – the queen – ladsladsladsladslads.”



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