Album Review: Blank by Movion

When Adam from Drone Rock Records first sent me this album I must confess that I was a bit non-plussed. I did not get it at all. This now seems to be a very weird feeling because I’ve now heard it five or six times and I think that it is really terrific. I cannot imagine not liking it and, frankly, I don’t know what I was thinking of. Well, actually I do. This is because this is another bit of a departure for Adam, yet another tangent that he has taken the label on and, as usual, one that has worked.

Movion is an instrumental trio from Turin in Italy, comprising Alessandro Angeleri (Drums, Percussion, Drum machine), Antonio Vomera (Bass, Synth, Guitar, Loops) and Nicolò Tamagnone (Guitar, Loops). This is their second album, in which they have moved away from the more post-rock feel of their debut to produce something more experimental, bringing in elements such as techno and synthwave to create an album that is rich in texture and has a real depth to it as you begin to peel away the layers of sound.

As such I found the album to be one of constant surprises as you are taken from quite tight techno numbers in which I could imagine myself to be thoroughly absorbed on the dance floor… not exactly claustrophobic but certainly more towards the introvert end to the spectrum (‘Any App For Soul Catharsis’), to huge panoramic numbers which seem to expand your thoughts beyond their own sonic horizons, tracks that do not seem to have any borders to them (Stereo Individuals’).

In between there is such as “A Whale Is Going To The Mountains’ which in many ways seems to hark back to the dark synths of the eighties with its Depeche Mode and Numan flourishes, while the post rock roots of the band are perhaps evident in such as ‘Window Water Eyes Moving’… although there is a lot more going on here too. In fact there is a lot going on all over this eclectic set.

‘Blank’ by Movion is the very definition of a grower. For me when you first hear it it frankly does not feel all that special, but allow it to gestate in your brain and you are rewarded with something that seems to coalesce into a series of beautiful vignettes. Fragile and sparkling, this album keeps you guessing from start to finish such is its diversity and divergence.

‘Blank’ by Movion is available for pre-order now from Drone Rock Records, where you can also stream the album.



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