Album Review: Atlantis Mirage by Los Tabanos Experience

One of the key words that I would use to describe the sort of music I am not only ‘in to’ but am also in awe of, is that which is broadly ‘improvisational’. For me there is nothing more dispiriting than going to a gig and seeing a band go through the motions of their oeuvre without diversion or dexterity. I like nothing more than the sight, and sound, of musicians playing off each other and building up a massive head of steam… regardless of pace and genre.

This, in essence, is why I was so happy when this album from Los Tabanos Experience landed in my inbox. Not only is it the sound of a band doing just this… but also a collective that does not seem to stick to one way of doing things.

Yes there is a broad direction towards heavy psych and space rock themes, but actually there are other things going on here that make this album compelling. This may, and probably does, have something to do with the fact that this Chilean collective has no less than four guitarists who are ‘at it’ all the way through this set, and their differing style contribute towards what is a really huge experience as they provide an essential tension to the music… collaborating but never obviously competing.

This means that, at any point in time, you can find yourself out on the kosmische rim at one minute, while then down in the gutter with the blues at another… it is a fascinating and heady mixture which is delivered with, as you may expect, a massive amount of power and a huge sense of conviction.

This is an album that is out of time and for the ages, a massive slice of musical bravado that just powers you along to its ultimate conclusion taking you on a rock rollercoaster of a ride which will leave you both thrilled and light-headed.

Unfortunately the vinyl version of ‘Atlantis Mirage’ has already sold out at Drone Rock Records but, at time of writing, is available from record stores, online sellers and, digitally, from the band themselves here.



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