Album Review: Heaven in the Dark Earth by Markers

Sometimes I worry that amongst the many submissions I get that a real gem is going to pass through my fingers. This is a sense of angst that I am sure most music fans will know. The thought that out there somewhere is THAT album, the one that you just really need to have in your life. These days I am usually pretty sanguine about this, after all there are only a certain number of hours in the day… only a certain number of platters you can have on the turntable.

This album by Markers is one such album that very nearly slipped through. In fact is was only because it had a couple of Sex Swing connections that gave me the inkling that I might just want to listen to it. The first was that one of the duo that makes up Markers, the other is Jason Carty, is Jodie Cox of that band; while the album is coming out of Jason Stoll’s God Unknown label.

This gave me enough ammunition to listen to it, although I was a little put of by the information that both Jason C and Jodie first met around the 90s Math Rock scene… something I never really got into. That was soon set aside though as I began listening to this beautiful album which is essentially a set of stripped back guitar tracks that see both musicians totally reinventing themselves and exploring other avenues in a way that feels organic, adventurous and considered.

The whole album feels intensely personal and self-reflective, and yet there is a strange panorama to the music which I find difficult to explain. I guess it feels like that process when you have an idea emerging in your head which seems to expand into a whole universe of ideas and possibilities, yet it stays inside you head.

It reminds me of my favourite book when I was at primary school, ‘The Cave of Cornelius’ by Paul Capon, in which a group of children go exploring in a cave and find a whole lost civilisation within it… and strangely (I’ve subsequently realised) the title of this album is not a million miles from that idea.

For me, then, this is an album that you can sit with and construct those imaginary worlds… to delve into the caves of your minds… really just escaping into your own reality, and that is a really appealing idea these days!

‘Heaven in the Day Earth’ is available from God Unknown Records here, and direct from the band here.



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