Album Review: Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out by Hibushibire

As I said when I reviewed Hibushibire’s debut album ‘Freak Out Orgasm‘, I was totally mad for it that after just a few seconds it was like a total bolt of psychedelic freak outery which almost knocked me over with it’s force and held me under it’s spell for the duration… and has continued to do so in the sixteen or so intervening months.

During that time I have also been fortunate to see the band live… on that occasion I was standing next to one of the best guitarists in the psych scene and he was totally blown away by the whole occasion.

Which brings me to the band’s second album, once again out on Riot Season Records. I downloaded the files with a little bit of trepidation because I wondered whether the band could pull it off again… sure they’re brilliant players but could they do something that would make me want to listen to this album above the previous one?

The answer to that question is a resounding yes… and then some. If ‘Freak Out Orgasm’ was a bolt from the blue this one is a full scale sonic hurricane which batters all before it in a manner that is just phenomenal. If anything Hibushibire have taken that first album and then wondered how they could up their game.

In terms of energy ‘Turn On, Tune In, Freak Out’ is as intense as any set that I have heard recently… there is not one single second that is not a full on high octane performance… there is not one single second that makes you think about putting on something else instead. That’s because the playing here is so mesmeric, so utterly beguiling, that to switch it off would be to some how deprive yourself of the narcotic electricity that is keeping you going… plunging you into the cold turkey of silence.

There are many moments on this record where I just find myself shouting ‘fuck me’ such is the brilliance of what is going on here, six minutes into ‘Rollercoaster of the Universe’ for instance… a track that starts heavy and has pretty much gone supernova by the end.

In my review of the first album, I felt moved to comment that I didn’t want the reader to think that the band were a ‘one trick pony’… and once again I really do not want you to think this, except more so this time. That is because there is more variation and nuance here than many such bands manage in an entire oeuvre. This is a set, in case I can’t say it often enough, that is so stunningly and outrageously well played, a virtuosity that stretches beyond a single style of playing… these four tracks all soar in one way or another… but do so in ways that are different to each other

So, as far as I’m concerned, if you were wondering whether you should invest in this second album as you’ve already got the first my answer would be a resounding YES! Alternately if you haven’t got either… then get both, go on… get freaked!

Both albums are available from Riot Season Records here.



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