Album Appreciation: Travelling The Circuits by Astral TV

There are albums which take you from start to finish on a very definite trajectory, and there are albums which are more concerned with the journey rather than the destination. As is implied by the title of this album from Danish duo Astral TV, it belongs to the latter category. Listening to ‘Travelling The Circuits’ is to feel as if you have been injected into the machine and left to your own devices to wander round wherever your fancy takes you.

Shut your eyes and you find yourself imagining crystalline structures, pulses of light and grand caverns which act as wonderous places to contemplate the nature of things… or just provide a salve from the excesses and stresses of daily life.

Because it is electronic it feels constructed… not natural. But, because it is electronic it also gives you that step away from reality. The use of so many different electronics from many eras… digital and analogue… also gives ‘Travelling The Circuits’ a very eclectic sort of sound… eclectic electric if you like… which means that there is no dominant feeling or direction… each moment is like stepping into a current of sound that carries you off.

This, then represents just over fifty minutes of pure escapism, with each track providing a different series of circuits to explore… you never really get anywhere with it, that’s not the point. What is the point is that you feel weirdly refreshed at the end… exfoliated by the gentle rhythms and sonic unction.

‘Travelling The Circuits’ is released by El Paraiso Records.



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