Album Appreciation: Singularity by Par Ásito

I have been listen to this album quite a bit over the last few weeks. I like it because it kind of makes me feel happy. There’s a certain up-beat nature to it… a certain joie de vivre to the playing which gives me nice feeling inside. I really like how it is summed up in the blurb for the album which says: “When spaceship chases begin in the galaxy, Par Ásito will be the soundtrack”.

However, there are spaceship chases and there are spaceship chases. For me space rock sometimes becomes a sort of formulaic dirge which becomes entirely predictable… if you like when the knackered old freighter is chased through epic nebulae by the space feds on an inevitable collision course with an exploding sun.

This feels different… it is much less grand, far more down to earth… there is a diy/ punk aesthetic at work here… it is more punchy and less melodramatic with, as you might expect from a Mexican trio, an element of Morricone Western music embedded within it… especially on ‘Photon Sphere’.

Elsewhere there are jaunty motorik beats which push the album on in a way that you feel that the band (they are: Fabriccio De la Mora (Electric Guitar), Daniel Nuñez (Bass/ Synth),  and Alejandro Navarro (Percussion)) are never at rest… delivering heavy music with a lightness of touch which takes you on a journey around the more interesting and lesser-know space lanes.

What I most like about this album though during these gig-free times is that it has a superbly live feel to it… close your eyes and you could almost be in one of those characterful small venues where our music tended to reside in previous times… and that, along with the freedom that runs through the DNA of this music, can only be a good thing.

‘Singularity’ is available now on Dirty Filthy Records, and can be ordered here.



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