Video Premiere: Ten’ (Shadow) by MENK

I am really happy to premiere this new video from Saint Petersburg duo Menk. Directed by Paul Sokolov, it intersperses footage of the band with Murnau’s 1922 silent classic ‘Nosferatu’ which, according to Yuri from the band, was the perfect soundtrack for a silent cinema in a rock ‘n’ roll way… something that we’ve also seen in Shooting Guns excellent soundtrack to the film.

MENK were formed back in 2017 when, according to their bio, Yury and Kirill met at the underground venue where Yury was running a night called ‘Slam City’. They apparently bonded over a huge love of proto progressive music (especially from Sweden, Germany and the UK) and Psych scenes from the halcyon days of 68-72.

According to the band they take those influences and augment them with a sludgy, hypnotic sonic attack that takes in The Verve and Dead Meadow and, and far a I can hear, many more great sounds too. The track featured in this video is a great showcase for their album, which you can listen to digitally in full in the link below which is coming out on vinyl in the spring of next year through Acid Test (UK), Clostridium Records (Europe) and Little Cloud Records (USA), with pre-orders no doubt appearing some time in early 2022.

In the meantime though this is a taster for what is to come, and on this evidence it will be worth the wait.



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