Review: Dayz of Purple and More Hope

Just under a year ago Andy Uzzell from the fab Dayz of Purple and Orange website put together a compilation of brilliant bands to raise money for cancer charities, entitled Dayz of Purple and Hope. For at least a tenner you could get your hands on a whole load of exclusive material from the sort of bands that frequently appear on Andy’s site, and on this site too for that matter.

Since releasing that Andy’s Mother has sadly died of lung cancer and, quite understandably, he wanted to do something more to try to end this bloody awful disease. As someone whose parents also both died of cancer I’m only to happy to help out with this and to encourage you to get on down to Andy’s site again and get yourself some Dayz of Purple and More Hope. This is a second compilation of ace bands which, again, you can get for at least £10…you might want to make it more. Let’s face it you can even download both ‘Hope’ and ‘More Hope’; hours of fucking ace music for less than the cost of a double album…that’s a bargain in anybody’s language.

What’s great about these compilations for me is that there’s exclusive tracks from bands I really like such as The Band Whose Name is a Symbol, Electric Moon, Camel Driver, Dead Sea Apes (Brett of DSA also did the art work), MOEWN, vert:x, E GONE, Vostok and Psychic Lemon. Then there are bands who I’ve been meaning to check out for a while such as: The Intelligence Service, Bone Man, Three Dimensional Tanx and Mother Mars. Then there’s a load of others that I’ve not really come across before but who, from the evidence here, I need too be checking out in the future.

Let’s not forget the bands in all this either, all of whom have given their work for nothing in order to help the really important cause. Specifically the money collected will be going to Cancer Research UK and World Cancer Research Fund International; so get digging…dig deep into your pockets, then dig this ace music.

In case you’re in any doubt you can access Dayz of Purple and More Hope and Dayz of Purple and Hope at these links and don’t just stream them…DOWNLOAD THEM!

Thanks to Andy for putting this together (there’s a lot of hard work involved in getting something like this together), thanks to the bands for their generosity, and thanks to you for reading this and clicking through to donate… legends all!

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