Review: Creations EP by Cegvera

Always good to welcome a new record label onto the block, in this case the brilliantly named ‘Dirty Filthy Records‘ who’s first release seems to be well placed (Dirty Filthy are releasing the vinyl, Loud Slow and Distorted Riffs Records the CD), because Bristol based band Cegvera play the sort of earthy riffage that can leave you needing a shower after you’ve heard it. If this is heavy stuff though, it shouldn’t be mistaken for mindless; an error that is too often made with many bands on the doom/ stoner scene (I’m not great on genre). This EP is also replete with political comment and well put together arrangements.

Opener ‘Centralia’ gets straight to the point with a high powered heavy as shit assault on the senses that sets out the band’s intentions right from the outset. Having said that, and my dirty comments earlier, this is not all about the sludge with moments of clarity, especially around the guitar which make sure that the band don’t pigeonhole themselves around one form (hence my previous vagueness on genre).

Cegvera segue straight into ‘Iguala’ which seems more of a continuation of the same track, nothing wrong with that at all as the band stretch out their playing and nail down the riffs. A spoken word section on the fate of Mexicans crossing the border into America introduces a repeating political element into the proceedings which, for me, lifts this up from many offering of this nature… it’s well placed and well executed (no pun intended).

‘Aral Sea’ starts much more calmly with some less frenetic, almost melodious, acoustic guitar; this sets the scene for a dystopian spoken word section which releases the pent up anger and aggression of the second half of the track which tears a new hole in the very fabric of society… powerful stuff!

Having a track called ‘Mosul’ really speaks for itself. There is a bleakness here, the background drone combining with the tribalistic drumming, and a dystopian spoken word piece that once again releases the hounds of anger and despair. This is heavy rock music used to make a real fuckin’ point… so take heed and listen!

Last up in this all too short EP is ‘Latrun’, a real rocker of a track that, nevertheless, rounds the EP off nicely with it changes of pace and ‘fast/ slow’ middle section.

All in all this is a solid first release from Dirty Filthy, and the latest in a long line of ace stuff from LSRD (including Cegvera’s debut.. ‘Fractals’).


Release information:

‘Creations EP’-2017. Recorded by Josh Gallop (Stage2 Studios, Bath), mixed and mastered by Miguel Fraino (Vesubio 34, Mexico). Available online at ‘name your price’. It is gonna be released in CD format (LSDR records) and 12″ Vinyl (Dirty Filthy Records) on the 10th of November of 2017. Artwork by Hellbound Graphics (MX).



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