Album Appreciation: Addressing The Cosmic Unfolding: An Exploration of Canadian Ambient and Experimental Musics

If I were to ask you for the names of countries that have been at the forefront of experimental electronic and ambient music, it would be doubtful if you were to mention Canada as one of it’s chief exponents. Indeed until very recently I would have struggled to name but a few Canadian acts who would occupy this fascinating arena.

It was, therefore, with great interest that I received the files for a compilation album which seeks to set the record straight in this regard. It is a selection of tracks which for me occupies that sweet spot between accessibility and experimentation.

The seventeen tracks showcased here exhibit a breadth and depth which I think listeners will find both enjoyable and instructive… as well as providing a ‘burrow-map’ for the massive rabbit hole that you will no doubt want to disappear down once you’ve experienced this selection.

I am not going to go through each track individually, nor am I going to single any out for particular praise (that would be unfair). What I will say is that you should have a listen on the Noiseagonymayhem Bandcamp page (linked above) and also have a read of the extensive ‘liner notes’ that you can find on there… I find it difficult to understand how you would regret it.

Unfortunately the double cassette release seems to have sold out, but I would really recommend downloading the album because I am sure that it is something that many of you will enjoy picking apart and examining in some detail. That’s because this is a unique collection of sounds which will keep on giving long after the first listen.

With thanks to Dave Read, Will Hills, Brendan Holm & Valentina Cardinalli who put this collection together for Noiseagonymayhem, see link here.



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