Album Appreciation: 10x3x1 by DJ Marcelle

This is something that came out of the blue for me, a word of mouth recommendation that I had to get… a recording that I also felt that I had to pass on.

My recent way of listening to things seems to have been changing of late… I’ve always wanted my music to be something that I can use to balance and develop my mental health, and somehow use as an alternative to other external stimuli (be they chemical or spiritual)… but I am increasingly getting into the idea of listening to music as a form of practice or experience.

Before I disappear too far up myself let me try to explain… I think that because I can’t get to gigs or generally go out as much as I am used to, then recorded music has to fill vacuums that the coronavirus has otherwise vacated. So it is recordings like this which for me ideally fills those gaps.

These recordings are essentially two 45 minute mixes that encompass all the releases by Discrepant Records, and it’s two ‘sister’ labels Souk and Farsa Discos, over a ten year period since 2010. So what you end up with is almost an old fashioned mixtape, but expertly curated into two wonderful journeys of discovery through avenue of beats, fields recordings, instrumentation and atmospheres… each of which melds seamlessly into the next, one minute you are in the Souk, the next you are in a banging Berlin club… and many points in between.

So, at a time where travel is severely limited, these are just terrific voyages of discovery, not only where you can hear new sounds and new ideas… but you feel as if you are somehow traversing the world as you experience different sonic topologies as the mixes unfold.

I cannot, then, recommend these enough as we seemingly find our way heading into the second wave of lockdowns and once again have to rely on our imaginations to keep us sane.

10x3x1 is available on cassette from the Discrepant Bandcamp page here, and their website here.



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